Breakout - gay and bisexual men's social group

Breakout started in 1996 as a joint effort from the GAi Project and Switchboard.  


For many years Breakout met every Tuesday night at the Health Shop.  The changing functions of the Health Shop and Healthy Gay Nottingham and the latter's eventual closure forced Breakout to move to the basement bar in the Lord Roberts and also reduce their meetings to the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.


Breakout ran a variety of meetings:  speakers, quizzes, films, panel games .... after which people could, if they wished, go to one of the local bars; so it's a good way for new people to get familiar with part of the scene and do it as part of a group.  


In 2014 Breakout went into a decline and at the moment (2015) is barely functioning.

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