Nottingham CHE - continued

In 1976 Radio Nottingham gave Nottingham CHE group the chance to record its own 15 minute radio programme. CHE members had already featured in several discussion and phone-in programmes locally, but this programme was more planned and structured.

At the 1976 NALGO AGM, Nottingham CHE's convenor Richard Webster proposed that in in their dealings with Notts County Council, the Council should state that it would not discriminate against employees on the grounds of sexual orientation. Richard “came out” while proposing the motion, which was passed by an overwhelming majority

A section called “The Heterosexual News” attempted to attack the association between paedophilia and gay men by reading bits from the Evening Post which reported sexual assaults by heterosexuals on under-age girls. There was also “Frank Pough, with the Queerspotting Results”.

The only gay in the village! Another bit had a country yokel being visited by his Fairy Godmother - arriving to the sound of thunder and clucking chickens. When the yokel bemoaned that fact that he was gay, Fairy Godmother encouraged him by stating that “One in ten are gay” only to receive the news that in his village there were only ten people. Click HERE to hear "The only gay in the village"

In August 1977 the CHE Conference came to Nottingham and took over the Commodore for its meetings and what was then the Albany Hotel on Maid Marian Way for visiting delegates. The conference made headline news mainly because of the invitation of a Dutch professor who had made a study of paedophiles. Gay men may have been branded as paedophiles, but the newspapers did not appreciate them discussing the truth about that stereotyping.


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