Kris Kirk

Kris Kirk, full name Christopher Pious Mary Kirk was the inspiration behind GLF in Nottingham.


In the late 1960s he studied American Literature at Nottingham University, where he first came out as an openly gay man and founded the University’s first Gay Liberation Society. He performed in several student drama productions - on one notable occasion appearing as the Devil in Christopher Marlowe’s Dr Faustus, completely naked apart from a large leather phallus. He is shown here appearing (again) as the Devil in the Nottingham Gay Street Theatre play "Green Noses".


After moving to London, he became a freelance journalist, writing for Gay News and Gay Times as well as occasional articles for newspapers such as the Guardian. He collaborated with Ed Heath, to write "Men In Frocks" (pub 1984), an illustrated survey of the history of British crossdressing. He died from AIDS in 1993.



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