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As the front page of issue 1 says, Lookout is essentially a listings magazine for Nottinghamshire lesbians.


The burden of its production tended to fall on a small number of very dedicated women, who deserve congratulations for their stamina. Lookout stopped production in 2015.


Lookout was generously sponsored by Campions, the Nottingham firm of solicitors.


QB was established to try to fill the gap left when Outright ceased production.


It emanated from the Health Shop and was produced by the GAi Project (now Healthy Gay Nottingham) in collaboration with Nottingham Lesbian and Gay Switchboard.


Printed (well, photocopied on the Health Shop's temperamental photocopier) bimonthly, it was usually 4 sides of A4 on a folded sheet of A3.


It carried on until January 2003, when it was incorporated into I'm Free.


lookout QB1

The Outhouse Project, which hoped to set up an LGBT Centre, published an occasional newsletter which was sent free to those who were members of Outhouse.


In sense that its distribution was mainly to those who were involved in a particular group, the Outhouse Newsletter was a bit similar to Chimaera, though their content was very different.


"Wouldn't it be a good idea if QB merged with the Outhouse Newsletter, to produce something bigger and better?"


Well, they did merge and the product was I'm Free. The name was suggested as a joke (by the person typing this screed), but was eagerly pounced on.


It was bigger, it was glossier ... not sure about the "better" bit. The big problem with I'm Free was that it seemed to have no deadlines, so it could not report things which were going to happen, because by the time it appeared they had already happened.


By late Spring 2005 it became clear that I'm Free had folded.


To download copies of "I'm Free" click   HERE

ImFree OutHnewsletter

In early Summer 2005 the people formerly involved in QB decided to resurrect it. The difficulty was that it could no longer be produced at the Health Shop.


Nottingham Switchboard obtained a grant to run it for a year and since then have managed to scrape together enough sponsorship to keep it going.


It does appear on time. Its deadlines are just a few days before publication, so it can give effective news about forthcoming events.  Unlike QB mark 1, it is not just distributed around the scene. It goes to lots of social groups, to libraries, to places like the Playhouse and it's also on line.If you want to see it on line click  HERE


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