Mike Raymond

Mike Raymond was a central figure in Nottingham CHE in the 1970s. When CHE became a campaigning-only organisation (and most people immediately deserted it) Mike still retained an involvement.


He was central also to Nottingham Switchboard literally to the end of his life. His name was on the Switchboard log which he filled in on a Friday night in 2000, only to go home that night and die of a brain haemorrhage.


For many years he was well-known for his work in the music/CD department of Waterstones, but when that was closed down he moved to Bennett's Office Supplies. He was also a member of the Shakespeare Society.




















The plaque was set up by Bennetts   and is near to the Bennetts store         off London Road



Mike's funeral illustrates an important point.  His funeral made no acknowledgement of his sexuality or his work for the gay community. Mike was also a humanist, but was given a Christian funeral.


This highlights the particular need for lesbians and gay men to make a will and make clear their funeral arrangements.


Mike did not do so and we will never know the choices he might have made.


MikeRaymondplaque MikeRaymond

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