The North Notts LGB Development Group

The North Notts LGB Development group was set up in 2002 to do exactly what it says on the tin. The starting point was a Home Office sponsored survey to determine just what was available for LGB people in North Notts. The answer - quite predictable - was "practically nothing".


The group wound up at the end of 2010, but by that time it had achieved a lot, for example:


  • Producing several editions of an LGBT directory based on the idea that people in the north of the county may look beyond Nottinghamshire for socialising and support. The directory therefore included information from Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire as well as Notts.

  • Initiating several training sessions on LGB issues

  • Holding a conference on homophobic bullying in schools in 2004, well before the City or County Councils got round to it.

  • Producing a very clear booklet for organisations on how to become LGBT friendly

  • Supporting social groups in the north of the county

  • Establishing a youth group in Worksop


































Thanks should be given to Julia Hughes and Mike Newstead for their work which produced many positive outcomes.


Probably the most memorable aspect of its work was in conjunction with the Holocaust Centre at Laxton.    In 2005 it organised the presentation of a pink triangle plaque to commemorate LGB people who died in the concentration camps.


Everyone who was present will remember the ceremony as a most moving occasion.

In 2006, the group followed up the presentation with a talk given by Janni Kowalski, a gay survivor of the holocaust. Janni’s experiences are told in his book “Liebe macht Frei”.