In 1982, CHE decided to become a campaigning only organisation. The decision weakened it locally and nationally. Most members immediately jumped ship and in Nottingham they headed for NOGSOG, an inelegant acronym which stood for Nottingham Gay Social Group. NOGSOG was set up to take over the social role of CHE and did so successfully for several years.



























Though Chimaera, the CHE newsletter, had died with CHE’s metamorphosis, NOGSOG produced its own newsletter, which lacked Chimaera’s serious articles but retained its amusing side, particularly in terms of collecting silly jokes from a variety of sources.

At first NOGSOG had a varied programme of events, alternating coffee and chat meetings in one of the rooms at 31a Mansfield Road with other things such as film evenings, board game evenings etc at members' own homes.


In the late 1980s NOGSOG went into a slow decline and finished up with a very small number of the same people meeting in a very small room at 31a each week.  When the inevitable happened and NOGSOG snuffed it, some people on Switchboard tried to start another non-scene social group because there was certainly a need for such a group. The first attempt was the short-lived Icebreakers group.  This was followed by a joint effort between the GAI Project and Switchboard which gave birth to Breakout. Breakout is still running successfully and what it does can be explored via its website - click HERE to see.

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