Nottingham Lions

(formerly Ball Bois)

Nottingham Lions FC is a gay-friendly football club with players from across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. The club provides an environment where players and supporters can enjoy football regardless of their sexual orientation.


The club was founded in May 2006, and in a short space of time has gained a number of honours. The Ballbois are were champions of the GFSN Gay National League following an unbeaten 2008/9 season .. following that with being GFNS Cup Champions for 2009-10,


Sadly, homophobia remains a problem in football at all levels. The Ballbois have been involved with an FA campaign to combat homophobia in the professional game, and also speak regularly about the issue to groups in the local community.


The group is also involved in various community activities, for example their display was part of the Nottinghamshire's Rainbow Heritage exhibitions in both 2009 and 2010 and they have a regular presence at Nottingham Pride - see below.  They have raised money for Nottingham Switchboard and for Everyman, shich is a male cancer charity.


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On July 10th 2010, Nottingham Ball Bois took part in a torunament organised by the University of Nottingham LGBT Staff Group. It was in aid of the Justin Campaign.  Other teams present included Sparta, Belper Ladies, the Justin Fashanu All Stars (from Brighton), the Ellis Guilford Footy Boys, Barely Athletic, Lets not knock it Utd and Gin Will Fix It.


You can see the Ball Bois and Sparta pics below.

BigCock Ballbois at JC justincampaign Sparta at JC