Nottingham's Pride Festivals - 2

10,000 people came to sunny Nottingham Pride in 2006.


That’s not a huge number compared to those going to similar events in London, Birmingham or Manchester. Nottingham Pride, however, is very laid back, very family-friendly with lots of children, not dominated by commercial interests and achieves an almost precise 50:50 female/male split.


There were lots of stalls from non-gay organisations e.g. the City Council, Victim Support etc

July 2007 was the wettest July on record, yet the Pride Committee chose the month’s one fine day for that year’s event.


There have been rumours (not yet denied) that the Pride Committee guarantee good weather by taking part in a naked ritual anti-rain dance - here's a member of the Pride committee on this subject - click HERE


Numbers attending rose again and reached over 12,000.

Pride2006 Pride2007

In parallel with 2007, the weather forecast for Pride 2008 was dire ... rain + thunder storms ... and again the end result was a perfect sunny day.  Our favourite thing was the giant, dancing squirrel.


The record numbers of people attending have now caused a problem in that they exceeded the Council's "health and safety" limits for the Arboretum, so future events may have to be moved to a bigger (but not necessarily better) venue.


We were cheered to see a poster in the City Centre set up by Nottingham Methodist Mission, saying "God loves pink" and giving information about Pride.

2009's novelty was the march which preceded the opening of Pride. About 1000 people paraded from the Forest Recreation site,down Mansfield Rd, turning onto Shakespeare Street and then up Sherwood Street to the Arboretum.


Casual shoppers and passers by seemed to enjoy their unexpected diversion.


The march contained a familiar face from the 1980s.

Pride2008 Pride2009band Pride2009thatcher Pridemarch

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In 2010, having outgrown the Arboretum, Pride moved to the Forest Recreation site.  There were gains and losses. Easier access;less attractive surroundings.  More stalls; things more spread out.  There was a rather pathetic demo by some young Muslim males near to the entrance.


There's quite a lot to build on from the first year in the new site, so we look forward to 2011.

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