Sapphist writers



Sapphist Writers began in 2007 and is a network of lesbian and bisexual women in the East Midlands who write or have a desire to write. The only requirement for membership is that your identity as a woman writer places you outside of mainstream heterosexual identity.


We meet in Nottingham on the second Monday of the month, but we are also internet-based and share our work and feedback online. You don’t have to attend meetings to participate.


We're about enjoyment, support, sharing our work and ideas, developing creativity, and embracing diversity.


You can find out more about us on our blog.   Click  HERE to see the blog.


You can also read some of the Sapphist Writers' poems in QB, which you can download from this website.


Here's an example



I’m eating things that rhyme.


Peas, cheese and manganese



Fleas and antifreeze

Knees (just nibbled)

Seas (Salty and kibbled)


Skis in threes

Which makes me wheeze in degrees

Much more than hairy Cousin Louise

And her big fat Burmese


I’m in danger of contracting a

communicable disease

Wondering about maple syrup urine disease

(yes really)

Drinking any number of china and herbal teas.


But I’d rather like a melon



© Pam Burrows


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