A Transgender Timeline: 2

1839-1844 "Rebecca and her daughters," a group of male-to-female cross-dressers, battled throughout the Welsh countryside destroying road toll barriers, which were making the poor even poorer. These warriors also adopted the names and identities of women.

1850 Crow nation "woman chief" Barcheeampe was spotted by appalled white travelers in Wyoming and Montana; she was renown for her war exploits and for having several wives.

1861 Franklin Thompson, born Sarah Emma Edmonds, fought for the Union Army in the Civil War. During the war, Franklin served as a spy, nurse, dispatch carrier and later was the only woman mustered into the Grand Army of the Republic.

1900-1905 Turn of the Century Film Makers Mitchell and Kenyon record a cross-dressing Carnival in Crewe.

1914 First World War (1914-1918)Transvestites were being regularly shot charged as spies or cowards.

1923 Valerie Barker was born in Jersey in 1895 but she was educated in England after her family moved to Surrey. She always wished to have been born a boy.

In 1923 Valerie left her common-law husband and family and with a full set of new suits and shirts, collars and ties moved into the Grand Hotel in Brighton as Sir Victor Barker Bart. DSO where he was joined the next day by his fiancee Elfrida Haward. They were "married" at St Peters Church in Brighton on the 14th of November

1932. Always living above his means Sir Victor was indicted for bankruptcy and discovered to be a woman when imprisoned, eventually being found guilty of "knowingly and willfully causing a false statement to be entered into a register of marriage.".

1932 Man Into Woman, the story of Lili Elbe’s life, MTF transition, and Sex Reassignment Surgery is published.

The Second World War (1939-1945)
Eugenics. Nazis abuse, murder and sterilise transgender people. Aversion Therapy is first used to eliminate homosexuality and later is used on transgender people.

1945 Sir Harold Gillies and his colleague Ralph Millard carry out the world's first sex change of a woman into a man on the young aristocrat, Michael Dillon.

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